Tons of dbFetch: request for FETCH_CURRENT terminated error in sm.log

Dear experts,

My customer has a problem with their SM application. I notice that in sm.log there a thousands of line like this.

dbFetch: request for FETCH_CURRENT terminated because there is no current record in the RELBLK xxxxxxxx for file "incidents"

This sometime cause slow performance and timeout user's session.

This line repeats thousand times a day. Could you please help me to check this. I have attached the log below.

Thanks and Regards,
  • Hello,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Upon investigation, I found the following explanation from R&D:

    When length of an extremely long query exceeds the size of the tuserp->nWorkBuffer which is fixed as 32K, therefore, the RTE's memory is destroyed.

    In other words, maybe the query you were using at that time (or Service Manager) to modify fields on the databases was longer that the limit so RTE’s memory was momentaneously suspended.

    Hope this explanation helps.


  • Thanks for your information, I don't know why but after turn off the Auto Merge JS in display screen sd.view. These errors reduce significantly to 2, 3 times per week.