About tailoring HP Service Manager through HTML Viewer form component

Good morning / Good afternoon,

Our customer has some specific requirements related to the HP Service Manager interface. We are ready to implement these requirements using the HTML Viewer component. We join herewith a sample implementation of a custom element used for searching services (please see the attachment).

To make use of this implementation please do:
- upload "testautocomplete.unl" from the archive "example.zip"
- upload "menu-home.unl" from the archive "example.zip" or manually add a new item to the "HOME" menu and apply the following parameters:
• Description: test device autocomplete
• Application: se.call.process
• Parameter Name: name
• Parameter Value: testautocomplete
• Condition: true

To run:
Important! The server to which this sample is uploaded must have internet access for loading the client-side jQuery scripts. If this is not the case, you’ll have to manually override the links in the script library testautocomplete.

1. Open the web interface
2. Pull down the menu item Miscellaneous
3. Open the menu item test device autocomplete
4. When a new tab opens, focus the cursor on the search element and start typing the first letters of the name or the description of the service being searched for (your screen should look similar to the screenshot "example.png" from the archive "example.zip")

Question: can the vendor approve such a customization of HP Service Manager?