SM 9.50 JavaMail

Have anybody confirmed if the fatal design flaw in Javamail has been solved in SM 9.50?


Javamail in 9.41 delete the mails from the eventout queue before they are successfully delivered to the mail server. This means if the client fails delivery the mails will be LOST! This is in my opinion a fatal design flaw in the program logic.

Test by generate emails when Javamail is not running. Change the cfg file so javamal can't connect to a mailserver, a different port works for that. Then start it up and see the mails disappear from the eventout queue. (do not run in debug and do not have -keepmail on)


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  • Nope, it will be much faster to write my own new email client. I did it 10 years ago I can do it again and make it much more reliable than HP's faulty solutions. I think it is absurd that they have two different email solutions with the same fatal design flaw. Javamail is the same as SCsmtp only new thing is support for html.

    Thanks for confirming Ling-Yan, I was 99,99% sure that were the case but good it has been confirmed.