Auto close incident after 3 days

Good morning team,


I'm just trying to find a solution to Auto Close an Incident after 3 days?

If you have a link or a solution could you please point me in the right direction? 


Service Manager 9.40

Thank you in advance.

  • There is no magic. First you need a script/process that closes the tickets.close function. Best I think is always try to use the default processes.. so you are sure you are not forgetting any field and you try to keep things in one place only but it's up to you.

    With the understand about the close mechanism you can either create a schedule to close the ticket in 3 days (workdays I suppose, make sure your calendar/holidays are up to date) during the closure or run a script daily that filters records close > 3 days.

    On PD based system , the OOB uses the schedule solution, if it's your case, take a look at the ruleset: and at the backend transitions: close.*