I have a question regarding the reportlic output and the licenses available in our environment. Attached is the screenshot of the reportlic in our environment. lic.jpg











From my understanding of the license allocation is as below:-

Foundation Named : sum ( HD Change Mgmt SLM  )

Foundation Floating: sum ( HD Change Mgmt SLM ) 

So Ideally, our count should be more than what is showing in the reportlic report , isnt it ?


if you see KM in the above license report should be the same as HD, but i see the named license is not synchronized with HD licenses.  

Is this a mistake done by HP or something wrong with the count with the consultnat from our environment provided ?.

Please guide.





  • I strongly doubt this reportlic output is wrong, as it shows HD usage is more than actual Foundation floating / named users at the time the report was generated .

    One question, does this report actually do a unique count of users (duplicate sessions discarded) within the system ?

  • I do the calculation of Foundation licenses based on , HP's licensing guide  which tells :

    Foundation license Named or Floating is calculated as the Sum of Named / Floating ( HelpDesk Change Management SLM Request Mgmt ) . 

    Is my understanding wrong ?

  • "if you see KM in the above license report should be the same as HD"

    I do not know all the rules about licensing. I just go by what the customer have bougth and compare that with the output. If you expect the KM licenses to be the same as HD then the HPSM licens installed is wrong. HP has a reputation of almost never being able to issue the correct license mathing the actual contracts.

    Remember if a user record has a profile for an application assigned then that counts as a license use when the user logs in even if that applicaion is not used by that user. So you need to ensure that only the users that actually need to do something in the change module have a profile for that.