How do I know table name of current approval records in Interaction

Hello Everyone,


I would like to know table name of this records, i have requirement to manually update the status of "Current Approvals" record.


I am trying to use approval and approval log table but it looks like difference with status approval that displayed in Current Approvals.





  • Not being familiar with your implementation, I of course don't know if your approval functionality has been tailored, but in a vanilla SM system those are stored on the Approval (uppercase A) table. If they are not there, then I'd suggest opening that format in Form Designer and figuring out the input of that subform. Then you can look at the link record for the format you're viewing and find the line for that field/alias, and see the target file where it's getting that data.

    EDIT: Alternatively, can you not double-click on that highlighted line and be taken to the approval record itself? If so, simply open the debugger once you're looking at the approval record and display the file; you'll see the filename there.

  • At OOB would Approval.

    To make sure:

    1 - Open the format, check the input for the VJ. 

    2 - Go to the link and check the table related to this field... finito :)

    Hope it helps!