How to set spesific condition for assignment group on notification definition

Hello Guys,


I have requirement to send notification for specific email when assignment group is Application.

For example: I would like to send an email notification (IM SLA 50% & IM SLA 75%) to spesific user when assignment group = Application. How do I wrote arguments and condition on notification definition of HP SM?


I have tried wrote this arguments:


jscall( "htmlemailtemplates.getMailBody", "IM SLA.alert_50", $L.file, $



assignment in $, "Application"


but I am not really sure that's will be fine. Appreciate for anything helps.





  • Verified Answer


    your condition is wrong :)

    If you want to send an email only, when the assignment group is "Application", you have to set the condition like this:

    assignment in $L.file="Application"

    But you should add some additional conditions like this:


    assignment in $L.file="Application" and status in $L.file="SLA 50%"

    (be sure, this is just an example ;) )


    $L.file = the current file (after saving the record)
    $ = the old file (before saving the record)

  • in addition.. please also check the format of sending to specific email address

    Recipients: {""} or do the following for multiple email >>{"",""}