You may not approve for any of the pending approval groups

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to create a new button to force approve pending interaction that submitted from SRC. The button has been successfully created but when I tested the button, I got following error message "You may not approve for any of the pending approval groups"

Here is the screenshot of configuration button Force Approve:



Does anyone have any experience for this requirement?


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  • Hi ucux347,

    The default approval process check if the approver is a member of current pending approval. Create a button that calls ordinary approval won't work. You need to "enable" the Override functionaly in interaction. 

    It's already implemented on Approval, so you can copy it from there. The processes are approval.approve.all, approval.approve.current and in state approval.view.

    You can just add them to the sd.view or create your own based on them..

    Basically what you need to do is add, before the approval.approve rad call ,the line bellow (or a variation of it - check the difference beween approve all, current and one).. 

    $L.approval.groups=denull(current.pending.groups in $L.file) denull(future.groups in $L.file)