" DocEngine:No Records Found " error on knowledge management html notification.


I am setting up the html notification for kmdocument object. Followed the below steps

1) created htmltemplate

2) Created a ruleset to fire the email notification on transition from one phase to another.

Though the email notification is getting fired, when the KM Article link on the email subject is clicked , it doesnt take to the article mentioned. Gives the error as 'DocEngine: No Records Found'. 

The URL is coming as below

"&action=&title=undefined&queryHash=92ca42ec" target="_blank">http://hpservicemanager.com/sm/index.do?ctx=docEngine&file=kmdocument&query=id="KM9367"&action=&title=undefined&queryHash=92ca42ec

Below is the error showing up , while accessing the link

Notification Error 1.PNG

Any guidance is appreciated.



  • Any help is appreciated on this issue..

    I compared the URLs created  with other modules and it is the same. Also , there is no access restriction set on the knowledge category  of the document.

    Query security parameter is not in the sm.ini , but its set to false on the web tier ?.

    Queryhashcode parameter is set in the sm.ini ( other modules are able to access it without issues )

  • I did try with makeSCWebURL function and tried populating the URL on to a field. Once I did that, I had some success in accessing the record,

    But I am still unclear with what difference does it make using makeSCWebURL and the urlCreator script library calls ?.

    Any guidance is appreciated.



  • Verified Answer

    Enabled the debug parameters  and did some log debugging.

    The culprit is the query which is getting created from the SL 'QueryHelper'.  I did some modification on function 

    buildExtKMDSearchPermissionSubquery() .

    After the 'subquery' is modified the URL access works correctly. 


  • brav0,

    did you have the error with anykind of document ? For published documents the links are ok, but for documents waiting for publication I have the same error. This is a problem when my KM Manager receives e-mail alerts to publish reviewed documents.

  • Hello.
    I have some error. Can you write what exactly was fixed in the function?
  • Hi ,

    I am facing the same error. Could you please tell me what you edit in the below query to get this fixed.

    function buildExtKMDSearchPermissionSubQuery() {

    var _index = system.functions.index;
    var subQuery = "";
    if (_index("SysAdmin", vars.$lo_ucapex) > 0 ||
    _index("KMAdmin", vars.$lo_ucapex) > 0 ||
    _index("SysAdmin", vars.$lo_operator["cap.exec"]) >0 ||
    _index("KMAdmin", vars.$lo_operator["cap.exec"])> 0) {
    if (vars.$G_ess)
    subQuery = " and status isin {\"external\", \"internal\"}";
    subQuery = " and status isin {\"external\", \"internal\", \"retired\"}";

    } else {
    subQuery = " and (( status=\"external\" ";
    subQuery = lib.KMSecurity.getCatsQueryForDocument(vars.$G_viewext);
    subQuery = ") or (status=\"internal\"";
    subQuery = lib.KMSecurity.getCatsQueryForDocument(vars.$G_viewintext);
    subQuery = ") ";
    if (vars.$G_km_environment.retire && !vars.$G_ess) {
    subQuery = " or (" vars.$G_retiredquery ")";
    subQuery = ") ";
    return subQuery;