(SM) Support Tip: SM OMW Integration - How to set the sequence number in Scauto database?

(SM) Support Tip: SM OMW Integration through Scauto 1.5 - How to set the sequence number in the Scauto database?

Current version of Scauto 1.5 with Patch1 and Hot fix installed replace queue files with database.

Database supported is MySQL or marina DB.

Once the Scauto patch, hot fix and data base is installed. Sometimes we see the below error coming in Scito.log which is located in SCUATO Installation folder.

07/05/2016 12:43:05   pid (1552)(11364) scevmonfromsm: scev_save failed
07/05/2016 12:43:05   pid (1552)(11364) scevmonfromsm: Error processing events FROM ServiceCenter. Retrying.
07/05/2016 12:43:08   pid (11976)(11456) Prepare to retrieve one record from scevents_to table.
07/05/2016 12:43:08   pid (11976)(11456) No to event record was retreived from scevents_to table.

This error comes because the sysseq number set in the database MySQL or marina DB is incorrect and it is not match the sequence number set in Service Manager.

So we need to check sysseq number from service manager and reset the sysseq number on Scauto Database.


1 Make sure

A) Scauto 1.50 is installed on OMW Server.

B) SCAuto-OMW1.50 P1 REV1 patch is installed.

C) SCAUTO_FOR_OMW_1.50_P1_REV1_HOTFIX hot fix is installed.

2 Stop Scauto Service from OMW server.

3 Login to Service Manager Windows’s client.

4 Go to db->number table.

Go to Class event and check the value for the field Last number.
For example if the last number value is 588 as seen in Service Manager, then do the below steps

5 Connect to MySQL or marina DB installed by you i.e. Launch/connect to maria db/ MYSQL using command line.

mysql –user=root –password=scevents scauto

6 The table we need to update is last_sysseq and the field is sysseq.

Check the value of field sysseq before updating it.

If the value is not shown as 0000000000000588, run the below command to update the sysseq number
UPDATE last_sysseq SET sysseq=’0000000000000588’

P.S: We need to make sure that we need to have number of consecutive zero for the field sysseq as shown in above command. For example if the last number value is 89000 in Service Manager, the command to update the sysseq number is

UPDATE last_sysseq SET sysseq=’0000000000089000’

7 Start Scauto Service from OMW server.