Validation/rule set conditions/forms

Hi Guys,

Please assist, I need a rule to move from one phase to the next phase (diviate phase example) using a button
can be using a fc or a rule set any method will do.

I also need a rule to ensure that certain field values on my form are distinct (text1 <> text2), I have tried the below code but it does not work in $L.file~=ztest.analsyts or approver in $L.file~=coordinator.

When a user types the first three characters on a search field I want to give them a selection option of the possible values how do I achieve this.

I'm using hp sm 9.50

Thanks again


  • 1. if its gonna be a module Admin such as Change manager - A Change Phase is available in More Options (Please check as I'm using lower version). I hope it's not for every user since that action bypass or skips whatever rules you have ina phase in between your skips.

    2. Are you using process designer; if yes a validation rule can have this, If not - must be in FC, check further

    3. Check the topic about Value list Condition being done in Forms such as below. It is there in OOB for some modules.