Some Smart Analytics Services can not start

Dear Experts ,

i have an issue installing Smart Analytics, i do a simple all in one installation with all defaults , but the 3 of Content services do not start and the image server service stops once it starts
i did the installation twice on 2 similaer environment with the same result . bellow is the details of test environment

Window server 2012 standard edition 64 Bit runs on Vmware
4 cores with 6 GB RAM
Java 1.7 64 bit (i tired once with JDK)
HP SM 9.52
HP SA 9.5 64 bit

please , i appreciate your help to tell me what i'm doing worng . thanks

  • When you start the Windows Services for the Content servers is there a Windows Service error or they start, run for a bit then shut down?  If the Windows Service dies then look in the Windows Event Viewer to see the specific error (you can also look here to see if any errors are present if the service starts then just seems to stop).

    You can also try this and see what happens:

    1. Set all of the Smart Analytics Windows Services to start manually

    2. Stop and restart the Windows 2012 server

    3. Start the Smart Analytics Windows services in the following order (wait a few moments in between each start):

    MainS erver
    Smart Search Proxy
    Image Server1
    CFS Connector
    OMNI Group Server
    SharePoint Connector
    HTTP Connector
    File System Connector

    4. What happens?

    5. Look in each of the servers application.log file to see if there are any specific errors. To turn on more verbose debugging you can edit each content servers *.cfg file. Look for "LogLevel=normal" and change it to "LogLevel=full", save and perform the order of start again. Look in the application.log file to see what info is written

  • Hi ,

    Do not use the windows service to start the Smart Analytics, use the script called start.bat or startall.bat instead.

    Please try it and let me know if it helps,


  • Try running the Smart Analytics License Update tool.  

    Let me know if this works.



  • Seems, that you forget the licensekey.dat file. You can verify the valid date inside the license.txt file