call a process / wizard from RAD or Java Script

Hello Experts , 

i have need to call a wizard after a users select a value from a combofill box . so i need to call the wizard from the Java code to the RAD expression of the Link file .

i manged to create the Wizard and create a process to call it ., would you please help me how to call this process or the wizard from RAD or JS 


thanks in advacne for all of you 

  • Hi Amr,

    Did you try using the formatcontrol - after update of particular field  you can call the customized wizard using the RAD application in the Subroutines. 

    Or Using Process Designed Rules you can launch the new wizard on the condition that the user fills the particular field. 

  • Hi Amr Salah,

    Please trying below code inserting in your javascript code, make sure to provide the wizard name in place of <<<<<<<<<<TYPE YOUR WIZARD NAME>>>>>>>>>>>>


    	var rteReturnValue = new SCDatum();
    	var argNames = new SCDatum();
    	var argVals = new SCDatum();
    	argVals.setType(8);     //type array
    	argNames.setType(8);    //type array
    	var argVal;
    	argVal=new SCDatum();
    	      argVal.setType(2); //string                           
    	argVal=new SCDatum();
    	      argVal.setType(2); //string                           
    	      argVal="<<<<<<<<<<TYPE YOUR WIZARD NAME>>>>>>>>>>>>"
    	var ret = system.functions.rtecall("callrad", rteReturnValue, "", argNames, argVals,true);


     In order to call process from a javascript code, bleow function can be used :

    function invokeprocess(file, name)
        var rteReturnValue = new SCDatum();
        var rteNames = new SCDatum();
        var rteVals = new SCDatum();
        rteNames.setType(8); //type array
        rteNames.push("file");      //Current File   
        rteNames.push("name");      //Process Name 
        rteVals.push(file); // 
        rteVals.push(name); //Process Name 
          system.functions.rtecall("callrad",rteReturnValue,"",rteNames,rteVals,false); //false to run in the same thread, true to run in new one.  

    Here basically RAD is called using callrad rtecall , whcih when provided with the process name , process can be called.

    Try understanding by lokking at below example , how a process is called if using in RAD :


    Neo Jax