Log SLA Breach in Incident Activity

Dear Experts , 

i have a requrement , that our customer need to track the changes in the SLA aret and SAL breachs in Incident Activity log . so that he can know some info such as in which phase the incident is breached 

i added a new activity type in the activitytype table of the probsummary under update activity . but it did not work 

i though to user the alret.status filed or sla.breach as bellow but nothing is working . when the alret.status value changes from non to SLA 50 percent for example . no thing is added to the activity table 

i attached here screenshot of what i did , 

what i did worng . any advice of alternative solution ?

thanks in advacne 

  • Your line of tought is correct. I think you should break the problem in two parts to identify what exactly is the problem: AlertDef or Activityactions.

    1: Did you check if the field sla.breach and alret.status (the default is status) are changing properly when they were suppose to do?

    2: Try to add a line inside activityactions with condition true to see if the value will be added or not when updated by the AlertDef.

    If you realize that addition of activities is not running when it's updated by Alert (test 1 ok, test 2 fail), you can create a JS function that adds the activity and call it from the AlertDef on statements field. You could also run a trace to identify if there is any better place, but I think statements are good enough. 

  • Thank you  for update , 

    yes i'm sure that the AlertDef is working OK becasue i keep an eye on the sql table it self , once the value is updtaed i go to the activity to check , so i'm sure from this point . 

    i like your idea about the JS on the AretDef, but in fact i'm that good in scripting , would you please guide me what i can write on the script statment 

    thanks in advacnce deat