Web tire can not connect to SM RTE when LB Servlet is running

Hello Experts , 

i have an impoant issue , regarding vertical scaling 

i'd like summrize it to you as bellow 

i added a LB servlet to SM.cfg , with 2 servelts , the Lb is running and i can connnect to LB Port on 13080 using widnows client installed on the SM APP RTE Server , 

but when i try to connect to LB Port using any client installed on another servers it can not conncect . 

however , i can connect to any of the servelts under the LB such as 13081 or 13083

what do you think ?

Envirement is as 

SM 9.52 P2 on windows Server 2012

SQL server 2012


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    Dears , 

    the issue is Solved . and i;d like to share with you the issue 

    the make it work you must allow all port of all servlts on fire wall not only 13080 , but alos 13081 , 13083 ,,etc

    the other point is the name resultions , once the Lb servlet is Up , make SM start to comminicate with Web tire by Server name . so make sure that both servers can resolve the name of each other