Passes the user selection of a Service Catalog to the fulfillment record

Hello Experts , 

i'm working on service catalog desgin , which i will add user selction fileds to some times , such as model name , IPs ,,,etc. and this itmes is a support itme that will open an iniciden 

i can see the added fileds in the interaction record opend from the catalog , in the catlog Item and catlog infromation tabs . but OOTB this information is not passed to the fullfilment record such as incident record 

is there any way to pass the detalis in the catalog infromation tab to the IM Record . 

thanks in advacne 



  • Check the catalog connector. Service Catalog>Tailoring>Catalog Connectors

    The interface is defined on that table, check the expressions Tab of each entry and you will see some fields are being pass-on to the related records such as Incident from.

  • I recommend that you check a table called USEROPTION in Service Manager. I think it was introduced in version 9.40 or so.

    The table lists user options per every service fulfillment ticket. It's easy to retrieve options - for example, make a JS script and use a HTML viewer component to display those values. Of course CSS and HTML is needed. See Script Libraries timeperiodCSS and timeperiod to find examples.

    The one example beneath is what I did for SM 9.41. According to feedback, it was well received by the end users, because the option blocks are separated by background colors and longer text sections scale automatically. to multiple rows.

    EDIT: If I may continue to promote the idea, same technique can be applied to show ticket's activities as well. A slight side effect is that ticket's rendering to screen slows down a bit (if there are dozens of activity updates), but generally speaking pros are numerous to cons.