SM 9.52 can not send emails

Dear Expert ,
i have a problem , that SM 9.52 can not send emails
i have configried it and it was working ok . i just commented the email out line in sm.cfg for a while and when i get it back to work , the emails can not be sent

Please note the bellow

the email server we use is configred to send email without password authentication and it tested by using a command line tool to send emails to gmail external account and it worked ok , so we are sure from that the SM server can communicate to the SMTP server we use and this SMTP server can send emails OK to internal and external accounts

the bellow is line of email out in sm.cfg file
"sm -emailout -smtphost: -smtpport:25 -keepmail:0 -log:../logs/smtpservice.log" this was working 100%
i changed it to
"sm -emailout -smtphost: -smtpport:25 -log:../logs/smtpservice.log"
with no luck

whenever i restart sm service i see the message in the email out log file "SCEMAIL(JavaMail) terminated."

the SMTP service scheduler is started , as i checked by status command
the email reach the eventout ok , and when i tried to delete all items in eventout and restart the service , nothing changes ,


what do you think i can do ! . i appreciate your help