condition on related record

Hello Experts , 

would you please help me to write a conidtion that work on related report or on data on another table . 

let me explain more what i'd like to achive 

i need to but a condition on a filed  say it will be description on incidets table to be shown on certin critirea lets consider it to be a user role for example . this one i can do using data polilcy 

what i can not do , is to hide the activity of this incident becaue whenever decription is updated it will be shown in the activity tab , so i need to go to data polcy and hide the description cloum of the activity table based on a condition on the incidents able 

for example 

if the category of incident id (that stored in the activity) = xxx hide this line for the activity table unless the loged in user is Sysadmin 

is this possiable ?


  • Hello Amr_Salah,
    Thanks for your question.

    I have not tried this myself ever, but as far as I know Service Manager is highly manipulable in those matters. However, the trickiest part would be to know where exactly to add this condition in order to achieve your requirement.

    You might edit Messages table, based on the information from Format Control, Links and maybe Datadict.

    Jose L. Arias

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  • The  "im.incident.subform.updates" subform uses the "acitivity.list.g" form with the table. 

    you can create another table of the same without the description field and set the visible condition to be like category = xxx and sysadmin <> true. The other full list table will be visible if category <> xxx and sysadmin = true.

    You may have to set the conditions correct as per your requirement but this is just a logic that can be used. Set the tables to be overlapping each other to show only one at a time.


  • The easiest and simpler is customize the VJ link..