schedule maintenance task did not run

Hello Experts , 

please wish to get your help  about schedule taks , 

i created a task , and too make sure that is configred correcty , i copied one of the already created of the demo data . and filled the Effect tab . it did not run . the Schedule Maintance Hook is created and configred OK 

i see that it is not run at all , as the next run date and time do not change , and the excution history is = 0 

what could be the reason to do so. 

on the other hand , can you please help to know how to configre a task to run every day . or to run every houre for


thanks in advacne 


  • The trigger for schedules to run is a background process. Typically, the "Scheduled Maintenance Hook" schedule record is executed by "problem." You should check which process is used for your "Scheduled Maintenance Hook" record (the "Class" defines the backgrond process that runs the schedule record) and ensure this process is running.

    If this is the case, check to see if the schedule record gets called, by looking at the "Expiration" and "Action Time" fields on the schedule record. The record typically gets run every minute (check the "Repeat Interval" value on your schedule record for your actual repeat interval) so you should see a time stamp that's older than 2 minutes. If you do, there is an issue with either the backgrond process or the schedule record.

    If this record runs OK, there might be something amiss with the configuration of your Schedule Maintenace task. And the first places to check is the log file and scmsg log.

  • Do you know if the problem background Process is running?  problem should be listed in the Class field on the Scheduled Maintenance Hook schedule record.

  • Thanks Josh

    i doubled check as per your ideas , i found that the HOOK is configred correctly  and the process "problem is running " i attached here a screen shots of of what i found and for the task i created for your advice  


    what do you think . ? please tell me how to find the SCMSG log