Modified labels in Approval.inbox

Hello all!

I saw the next post for modified the name of the calls for change and task in Approval.inbox, but I dont know where are the scmessage record. I find Messages, Message Type, Log Message Class  but i dont know which of them should be modified from "Change C12345" or "Change Task T12345" to "C12345" or "T12345" in HPSM 9.40.

 Could someone help me please?


Thank you in advance.


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    Hello All!

    I found the scmessage record in HPSM 9.40, if you have the same question please follow the next steps:

    1.  in command line put "scmsg".
    2. in field "Class" put "tablename"
    3. in field "Message Number" put "cm3r" (in this case is for delete word "Change" from approval.inbox)
    4. in field "Text" put "Change" (the word to be deleted) and click on search
    5. then you should be able to see the next screenshot.:

    6. Delete the word "Change" and save then go to your approval.inbox you should be able to see the Record without "Change".