Help me with Macros clocks for interactions!

Hello All!

I have configured a macro for starting clock when status field changes, on interaction, and other macro to stop the clock when status field it same as "Closed" or status in $ in $L.old, but the macro to stop clock it's not working:

  1. My first issue is the clock don't stop.
  2. My second issue is I want to close a clock each time the status changed: for example:

Assign starts in 00:00:00 (because the interaction it's opened and the ticket was assigned) and it's running, when status changed to  Work in Progress the Clock of Assign stops in 00:01:00 and clock for Work in Progress starts, and the same each time the status changed until the Status="Closed" ...

I'm new in HPSM and i don't understand all the clocks functions that HPSM have,

I saw many post about clocks on interaction, but to be honest almost I don't understand.

Could you please help me with this?. 

** Attached you can find my configuration for macro clocks **

Thanks in advance



  • Heya,

    In slide 2 you have a condition "and false", so that's always false. make sure that evaluates when you want it to.


  • Hello Lukus,

    Thanks for your feedback, now the clock stops when status="Closed" ,but the only clock that stop is in the last status before the interaction has closed :( , and the other open clocks, when status changes, keeps running.

    Attached is the new configuration for the clock stops. 

    Thank you in advance.



  • Hi Andy,

    sorry i haven't played with the macros for a long time :)

    I'm guessing that SM doesn't know which clock you're referring to. This macro looks like it's closing the Call Clock (presumably set up to monitor the entire interaction time). You may need to set up another macro to follow a different time. I seem to recall setting up something like "Unassigned Time" where a clock starts at creation and closes at Open - Assigned, to track how long Interactions were unassigned. To do that, i think i needed to specify a new pair of macros to follow these specific call status'.

    Hope that helps.

  • Verified Answer

    Thank you for your feedback Lukus, I did many test and now I'm able to stop all clocks in all status.

    For all persons having the same question attached is my solution.

    I created a new macro for phases, because when a status changes the phase (in my case) changes too.  and the clock stop ech time the status and phase changes.