Approval on interactions, HELP!!

Hello All!

I have a problem with approval on interactions, I read many post about this topic but it's not working with my interactions and is because I don't understand how is work the approvals on interactions. I created a new interaction through in service catalog, when a user select "Security", "Special Permissions" and is submit, it's necesary fill aditional information, when user saved, updated and the status="Dispatched" approver should be able to see in the view "My pending approval", but is still not working.

Below you can find all the updated in HPSM:


    • I configured my workflow and in the phase "Work in Progress" in tab "Approvals", I have:

  •  Approval Definition "Approval_Interactions", I have:



  • On Interactions Categories, If I call (On approval Requirements) approval Definition "Approval_interactions", approval is working, but just if called when a interactions is created and approval definition in condition is product.type="Special Permissions", else if I put all condition "open in $L.file="dispatched" and product.type="Special Permissions" not working, then has been removed from the approval requirement:


  • I tried to modify the cc.first with the next condition, I changed from "false" to "product.type="Special Permission" and open="Dispatched" ", but it's still not working

  • And in Objects: Incidents, I put the approval condition "product.type="Special Permission" and open="Dispatched" ", approval location "phase", approval field name "Work in Progress", and is still not working, then has been removed and I have:


I'm totally lost in this topic, could somebody help me to understand what am I doing wrong please?.

Thank you in advance.