Sending plain text email


Due to the limitation on the size of eventout field, if the email contact is too big (more than 10000 character) the last part of the email will truncated causing html email to be send as html code.
To avoid the issues my customer was looking into sending email in plain text (at least it the end user can read), 
Can someone please advice on how to configure HPSM to use plain text and not html ?
I had tried using notification with noifty method as email but the email sent will have the following 

HP Service Manager Operator: falcon
SCenter_cc: falcon
Message - Could not be found:



  • Hello,

    First, have a look at an OOB Notification, called "CHM Registration".

    The Msg Class is cm3r. Msg No is the Subject of the email. Arguments are used inside the corresponding Message. Condition is when to be sent. Format is the Body of the email(search for it in fd).

    You must create a new message with a new Message Number. 

    Go to Tailoring->Notifications->Messages.

    In the Text field, fill in the "Subject" of the email you want to send.

    Next, you must make the body of the email. Go to fd and create the "Body" of your email.

    Lastly, create a new Notification with the conditions and recipients you wish.