Upgrade steps for request module from 9.34PD to 9.51


Is there a need for any manual or additional steps on the request module when upgrade from 9.34 PD to 9.51 codeless ?

As per understanding, Process Desginer version of request module only started in 9.40, and in 9.34 it is still using the old classic quote, line item, order and maintenance.

In the 9.51 upgrade document there isn't any steps or topic about upgrade of request module or the open new request catalog connector. Do like to check does that mean in the upgrade unity package it had being scripted to auto upgrade 9.34 classic to new PD request module and no additional effort is required?

Kindly advice can we upgrade from 9.34 to 9.51 directly or do we need to upgrade to 9.40 then to 9.51?



  • Hello Soongwc,

    hope you are doing fine.

    our suggestion to proceed with this upgrade, is going to 9.40 first and then to 9.51 in order to avoid issues in the proceess, in case you need documentation please let me share with you a link with guides may be helpful for you:


    there you can find any kind of guide, you can save the link for future information as well. Hope it helps

  • There is nothing wrong with going from 9.34 with PDCP4 directly to 9.50 (you can then patch to 9.51). You don't need to upgrade to 9.40 first since this will add an additional unnecessary step. Please keep in mind that if you go from 9.34 with Process Designer Content Pack 4 (9.30.3), you need to go to Codeless mode in 9.50. This should convert your Request Management module to Request Fulfillment.

    However, if you have Process Designer Content Pack 3 (9.30.2), then you must go to Hybrid Mode in 9.50, which will involve some manual migration tasks after the upgrade is completed. If you have NO Process Designer installed on 9.34, you also must go to Hybrid mode in 9.50. Additional information can be found in the SM Upgrade Guide, which is attached to this post.

  • Hi  Mike_Gross,

    Thanks for advice, the current system is 9.34P4, and after reading your advice i'm thinking of going ot 9.50 codeless directly but do like to clarify on the following  

    "This should convert your Request Management module to Request Fulfillment."

    this convertation does it auto populate all the category in my quote, order into request category?

    As per my understanding and the doc you uploaded there isn't really talk about request module.

    Background of current system:

    In the current 9.34P4 the user doesn't really use the request module directly. Quote are open only when user open a case from SRC, which used the OOB "open a request" connector to create the respective quote. 

    Do like check in this case after upgrade do i need to manual re-configure the SRC catalog item with the new connector?





  • Verified Answer

    Yes, the upgrade should automatically convert those to the corresponding items in Request Fulfillment. You will also be upgrading the SRC to 9.50 so the SRC will know to interact with the new module. If you have customizations to your current Request Management module, there may be some things that need to be handled during the conflict resolution phase of the upgrade, but that is the usually the case with any module when customizations are present.