getting request task to be shown in task planner


As we had a group of user(helpdesk) who only use windows client to access hpsm, we had create a button (display option) and jsscript to enable them to create request task in windows client. but when the assignee open the ticket they are not able to see the task in the task planner.

Is there any function or mapping is required to make newly created task record to be shown in task planner?

sample code

function testtask(){

print( "Creating new task record..." );
var newtask = new SCFile( "requestTask" );
newtask.number = "RFT20020";
newtask.parent_request = "RF10015";
newtask.parentTicket ="RF10015";
newtask.record_active = true; = true;
newtask.title = "testing title";
newtask.category = "Automation";
newtask.current_phase = "Active";
newtask.status = "Ready";
var rc = newtask.doInsert();
if ( rc == RC_SUCCESS )
print( "Success. Created new record ") ;

print( "Could not create record. " RCtoString( rc ) );