configure interaction required action


I recently came across the required action in service desk module, and do like to know how do we configure (add or remove) the required action function.

Below is the information on the required action

A required action is an action that a service recipient or your service organization requires you to perform before an interaction can be closed. For example, the service recipient may want to be contacted by a certain date. When you make this a required action, nobody can close this interaction until someone contacts the service recipient.

By default, Service Manager defines one required action:  When the Notify By field for an interactionis set to "telephone" the Service desk Agent must complete and close the required action before the interaction can be closed.

When you add a required action to an interaction record, the system updates the status of the record to Open-Callback, which means that the specified required action must be completed before the interaction and any associated incidents can be closed. The Service Desk Agent specifies what the required action is when they add the required action information to the interaction record.Required Actions lists a description of the action required for the interaction and a link to any associated incidents.



  • The "Full Service Desk Model" option in the Service Desk Environment record drives the alternative postbacks options. If this is active, and you have any INT set to "telephone" (as the copied texts states) the action will be automatically created.

    What is your desired outcome? You might consider just changing the model to "Close Interactions when Related Record closes."

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response, I'm looking into how to demoing this feature to my one of customer and let them decide if they want to use it. but I also like to know is there any way to prevent the creating of the required action in the incdepends table. 

    As I had tested in the oob system, it seem if I set delay of interaction id generation, the "first call" closing will not work. and i wil get the "You cannot close this call as it still has required actions!" pop up.