restarting SRC without clearing caches


Do like to seek advice and understanding on the following issues.

When ever the Web server hosting SRC is restart (window patching), SRC will fail to start, we will need to stop tomcat, clear the SRC caches (attachment and luceneIndexedData folder -- KM00406884) , clear the tomcat caches and log (work folder). to bring SRC back up.

Is there any way to avoid stopping tomcat and clearing the caches to get SRC to start up?

And do like ask when is it when ever we start SRC there is a need to clear the caches to start it up?



  • Verified Answer

    Well, only option I know is to shut down Tomcat properly before a Windows update to ensure it's not abruptly stopped. ( I think directory clearing need to be done if using SM 9.3x branch, I have not faced it in SM 9.4x.)

    It's also possible to create a task (in Windows, I don't know about *nix), which runs the directory clearing commands and after that, starts the Tomcat service and eventually SRC. Attach that task to Windows startup and you'll always have a solid clean environment to start SRC. (And no, I don't have such a task in my hands...)