Anyway to show the amount of ticket's a user has open/closed on a form?


I'm trying to add a field to a form that will show the amount of interaction/incidents the user has opened/closed when you pull up their context record. Is there anyway to get this set up?

I've attempted to pull the wizard.context.choose.action to the form as a subform, but it doesn't display the information.


  • This is for CONTACTS form ?


    I think you can use DO for contacts to make buttons wich will calculate what you need.

  • What you're asking is possible (everything is possible) but first, I'm looking for a little better understanding on what you're trying to do.

    First, by 'context' (pull up their context record), are you talking about the Context Action wizard that opens when you click the button next to Contact, Affected Service, and Affected CI, the wizard that displays the number of tickets opened for this user, opened for this service or opened for this CI?  If that's what you're talking about, the system already kind of does that.  When you click the Context Action next to Contact on an Interaction, it will, OOB, perform a lookup against the other Interaction records where the contact from this record is the contact in those other records as well.

    But you say you're looking for a way to show the amount of Interaction/Incidents the _user_ has opened/closed.  I'm not sure if you mean the number where the user is an operator in HPSM and they are the ones performing the open action or close action for a ticket (checking how many tickets a given user has closed on his shift or something like that).  If _that's_ what you mean, that's not something that I think will be useful, especially as you get thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of tickets.  In our system, we do about 120000 tickets a month.  Having a means to display the number done by a particular operator within a ticket is less useful than a monthly report that can show the number of records done by particular operators.  

    Each ticket is supposed to be focused on the facilitation of resolving the customer's issue.  The OOB context actions are to help give the technician working the ticket the quick ability to see if there are other things going on with this customer, other things going on with this service or this CI that might facilitate remediating the customer's problem.  The _ticket_ isn't where you'd want to document what a technician is doing over time - the number of records opened, the number of records closed, etc.

    So I'm not sure that's a function that will be useful in the tool.  You could build it, but getting a monthly report that shows you the same information is a lot easier to generate, requires a lot less customization of the tool, and gets the information you're looking for.

    Now, if you meant something else, can you please elaborate on the use case you're dealing with?  What's the goal?  What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Yes, i'm trying to do this for the contact records. We're trying to add it so our techs can quickly see whether or not the user has open tickets before they delete the account.

    There's a button on the configurationitem form that calculates the open tickets for the selected CI (I've added as an attachment) i'm adding to Contacts.G.

    I got the button clickable by adding Contacts.view in the screen ID of the DO, but need to figure out how to edit it to pull open tickets relating to the contact record instead of the CI. Anythoughts?

  • From Here:


     I found that it the OOB CI button connects from the am.view State to the am.calculate.related Process inwhich has the am.calculate.related.records RAD Application. So I added the calculaterelated display action to the am.calculate.related process in the Contacts.view state and my button looks like it trys to calculates sometime but doesn't display. 

    I created a new process Contact.calculate.related and display action calculaterelatedcontact,  I think I can keep the am.calculate.related.records Name on the process but need to change or add some Parameter names/Parameter Values to get it to calculate from the contact at hand and not the CI?


    Does that sound correct?

  • I wouldn't try to use an OOB RAD for this, but I would create a custom Javascript, something like:

    function countRelated(ticketType, contactId){
        var qCondition = new QueryCond('', EQ, contactId)
        var fList = new SCRecordList(ticketType, qCondition)
        totalTickets = fList.getCount()
        return totalTickets

    Then, you can pass that function the record type you want (like incidents, probsummary) and the value you're looking it, and populate a variable with the number returned.

  • var qCondition = new QueryCond("", EQ, contactId)

    may be  double quotes ?

  • var qCondition = new QueryCond("", EQ, contactId)

    may be  double quotes ?

  • var qCondition = new QueryCond("", EQ, contactId)

    may be  double quotes ?