Restricting a user to only be able to search tickets with in their own county


I'm trying to restrict a group of users to only be about to search tickets with in their own countyusing mandanten file security. I set up their security group, but on the scaccess step i'm stuck on what to use on the restricting query to limit it to their own county.

This group will also have different counties for each user so I just cant user County="Jefferson" for the restricting query.

I've included a picture of the scaccess record so far.

  • First off, you seem to be setting a restriction on the locaion table, not one with tickets. Additionally, Mandanten is a great data segregation feature that comes at a price. If your requirement is not rooted in compliance but more in convenience, you can consider just adjusting the search screen(s) to use different dropdowns.

    As to the second part: the query can be relative. The "country" attribute is on the location record, so you first want to store that in a global variable so you can use it. In the login.DEFAULT formatctrl, add query to select the location record for the contact record for the operator:

    1. Add a Query in "Queries" (line 5, most likely):
    Add: true
    Filename: location
    Query: location=location in $file1

    2. Add calculations entry:
    Add: true
    calculation: $ in $file5, "USA")

    3. Depending on where you store the country value in Incidents (going to assume ""), you would add a scaccess as follows:
    File Name: probsummary
    Security Group ID: <whatever it's called for you>
    Restricting Query:$