(SM) Support Tip: How to set attachment size for integration with HPE Propel

If for Service Manager an attachment limit is set using the different methods like on an attachment container, operator record, company record or using parameters MaxAttachUploadSize and MaxTotalAttachUploadSize, then for the Propel system a limit is recommended as well to avoid any problems sending orders with attachments that are bigger than what Service Manager is configured to support based on the parameters configured (e.g. interactions can be opened with no attachments in SM even though in propel a huge attachment was included)

The sx.ticketing.maxAttachmentSize parameter in the SX configuration file under /opt/hp/propel/sx/WEB-INF/sx.properties is needed to be configured to match the corresponding size that Service Manager configuration.

OOB this property is set as sx.ticketing.maxAttachmentSize=50000000