(SM) Support Tip: How to aggregate localized catalog items from Service Manager in Propel 2.x

Many users have Service Manager (SM) in different languages such as Spanish and French. In SM just doing the login selecting the language from the dropdown will be enough to show the details in that language which includes all the Catalog items that are localized to use that language or that were created using that language.

Now, in propel when doing an aggregation of catalog items; if items that are not in English are required to be shown, then the SM supplier used should mention which language to query on to obtain that data.

In order to accomplish that, let’s do the following:

1.Go to database manager
2.Type language on the Format field and hit search
3.Select language from the list
4.Hit search
5.Check the records that are active and notice the ID set for them as it will be needed on propel.


1.Login into consumer organization with an user with organization administrator rights e.g. orgadmin
2.Go to Suppliers
3.Click Add to enter a new supplier or Edit to update an existing record.
4.Enter the details required. Specifically for the Locale section use the ID captured from SM step #5

5.Save the changes

Now, when going to the Catalog Connect section of propel to add an aggregation this time when selecting the SM Supplier created/updated above the records displayed will be just the ones localized on that language.