(SM) Support Tip: How to resend failed Propel requests to Service Manager

When SM is down for some time and Propel cannot reach it, the service and support requests will fail and no record will be opened on SM when it is back in.

OOB Propel will retry multiple times to send the requests to SM, based on what it is onfigured in sx.properties but will stop after the number of attempts is met.

Organization Administrator (orgadmin) users can do the following to re-send those requests that failed when SM was down or unaccesible:
1. Login to Propel
2. Go to Suppliers application
Note: it will show a warning on the SM supplier that was down
3. Select the SM supplier
4. Click on the Diagnostics tab
Note: See that the Synchronizations will show a red X saying that it Failed
5. Click on the Manual Retry tab
6. Select Retry button in order to resend those requests to SM.
7. Go to Service Manager and confirm that the interactions were created as expected this time.