(SM) Support Tip: Extra steps to help troubleshooting the Service Manager Collaboration deployment

OOB the following documentation is provided to troubleshoot problems with collaboration:

The following extra steps can help to gather traces to obtain more details to proceed and to send to support if needed:

First set debug level for both chatserver and chatservice as follows:
- ChatServer:
Login to OpenFire –> Admin Console > Server > Logs > Debug. There enable the debug log and save those changes.
- On ChatService -> conf -> config.yml, enable the DEBUG level as follows:
# Logging settings.
# The default level of all loggers. Can be OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE, or ALL.
level: DEBUG
# Logger-specific levels.
Both services have to be restarted for these changes to take effect (Start ChatServer first and then ChatService)

Then, check the Apache logs to see if the communication is succesful between the parts (SM, Chat service, Chat server, Web server, etc)

Also, the following configuration files would be required for review:
- Openfire Chat Server configuration
- Openfire Chat Server LWSSO configuration <OPENFIRE_INSTALLATION_FOLDER>/plugins/lwssoplugin/lwssofmconf.xml
- ChatService configuration
- Webtier configurations
- SM RTE configuration
- Apache configuration
- Tomcat configuration
- Chat UI Configuration

Further details about specific configuration that can be reviewed and future updates to this information can be found on KM document: https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/km/KM02967886