Issues adding new field to the To do view

Hey experts, 

I've been trying to add a new field to the To Do view, but it keeps showing "Detail" and "Null". I've attached a picture of what it's doing right now.

  1. I've added the field to the Todo dbdict
  2. I've added it to the sc.manage.ToDo.g form
  3. I've added it to the Todo Incident map

I've attached pictures of everything.


  • Couple of thoughts:

    For the Todo map, the "incidents" table is Interactions.  If you mean Incident tickets, then you want "probsummary".

    In the mapping, I think the field should be in lowercase not Titlecase.

  • Tom, I can always count on your help when I post here!

    The Interactions table is where I want it, and I made it lowercase. It just seems like the field is there in name, but the information isn't linked over. Is there any kind of link for the Todo view?

  • My pleasure, buddy.

    So, just to review, in the Todo map, you have "category" on both sides, both in lowercase, right?

    After you do all this, your old records in the Todo table will not have any data yet.  You just created a new field, but haven't caused it to have any data.  If you go into one of those Interactions, make an update and click Save, and then return to the view and click Refresh, that Category field should be populated for that ticket.  Another way to test is just create a brand new Interaction and then see if it appears in the view with the new data.

  • So I got it interactions to show in their own category by just saving the tickets again. So after I saved the sd tickets or made a new sd ticket it was removed from the null category and into their category. 

    The problem is now, I can't do the same with Incident tickets or change tickets and i'm not sure what the differences between the categories are.

    I've attached a photo of the view now.

  • Verified Answer

    Did you modify the TodoMap record for "probsummary" and "cm3r"?