Searching Operator records by contact IDs gathered in excel spreadsheet


I have compiled an excel spreadsheet with around 2000 contact ids, is there any way I can use that spreadsheet to pull up those user's operator records?


  • Verified Answer

    Short answer: yes, everything is possible.

    Longer answer: that depends.  If you're a user who is set up with the Expert Search function that allows you to enter in a query, you can take your spreadsheet, turn it into a quoted comma separated list of values.  Like: isin {"abcdef", "ghijkl", "mnopqr", "stuvwx"}

    If you don't have access to the Expert Search, but you do have access to the REST or SOAP API, you could pass your search in that way.

    If you have neither of those options, then no; there's not like a built-in function in Excel or Service Manager that lets you enter data into an Excel spreadsheet and HPSM interprets that data as a query.