Getting "Update cancelled by trigger (se.base.method,update.record)" when changing KMdoctype


I'm trying to change the name of a document type but it's not saving and i'm getting Update cancelled by trigger (se.base.method,update.record) . It's only happening on the reference document type, I can rename all other document types just not the reference document type. 

I've tried logging in and out, the datapolicy and the DBdict looks alright, and I haven't made any triggers and don't see triggers that have to do with this

 Any ideas what could be causing this issue?? I've attached the full messages

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    In the command window, enter 'triggers' (or use Database Manager and search for the table 'triggers')

    Look for the two triggers 'km.doctype.update' and 'km.doctype.delete'

    There is one line in each trigger that is causing the issue.  in 'km.doctype.delete' it's line 13:

    print(scmsg(105, "km"))

    and in 'km.doctype.update' it's line 17:

    print(scmsg(106, "km"))

    Those should be changed to:





    The issue is that scmsg isn't a Javascript function, so the developers should have used system.functions.scmsg command to invoke the RTE function scmsg and make the user-friendly message print successfully. 

  • Thank you for your reply,

    I think we're getting closer, but the issue is still occuring. I've attached pictures of my two triggers, and the error i'm getting.

  • Well, now you're no longer getting the error - you're getting the correct message and your action is being cancelled by the rules within the triggers.

    In the case of your delete, the system won't let you delete the kmdoctype record because there's a kmdocument record using that doctype.

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