Created new workflow for form but it's saying "Closeme" and not "Close" with the little X by it

Hello experts,

I created a new workflow and it's not showing the normal "Close" button in the tray with the X by it. I've checked the workflow actions and see all the other buttons but not the Close one. I see a few Display Options with "Closeme" but not sure what to change or modifiy.

I've attached a picture of what it looks like with the new workflow and what it should look like. 


  • Verified Answer

    I guess you've to have to modify the workflow's Transitions, which have "closeme" as a command name. Click the fill button, which is after the "Command name" field in the Transition's "Details" tab. It brings up the message record, which defines the label for the transition.

    Each of the transitions generates a one message record, which is created for the i18n purposes. (So it's easier to localise the workflow for different languages.) Anyway, now change the message record's "Text" - I suppose, it should be "closeme" in your case - to suit your goals.