Incident Management in PD AND Docengine

Hi Experts,

   I need your advice on running IM in HPSM with Docengine AND PD. I'm well aware of both methodologies and know that perhaps the DisplayOption, DisplayScreen etc. records aren't the same.

   To tell you the full story: I have a client who's intrested in developing their next workflow in PD but also wants to use the old processes with DocEngine. Is this even possible?



  • No, not really. 

    You can't have both on the same table, but if you upgrade the change module only to PD (using the PD content pack against a 9.3x release) it's possible to upgrade to Hybrid Mode.

    Hybrid Mode essentially creates simplified PD workflows for SD/IM/PM which call the legacy display and doc-engine components. This is done on a per-workflow basis, so while working the legacy incidents in a hybrid workflow you can either:

    • define a new incident workflow and then switch to it for active incidents (using the migrationSetting utility to update existing incidents to map to the new workflow.
    • define a new category for incident (e.g. incident2) and develop the workflow. When ready for that workflow, you can make it active. If all users will move to the new category at the same time, you could probably mark the old category inactive. If you will transition teams at different times, you can use the allowed categories array in the security role to determine for which categories users can open tickets.

    NOTE: the only documented option to get to Hybrid Mode is from a 9.3x system where PD 2 of PD 3 content packs were deployed (the change-only ones). It does not appear to be supported otherwise.