HPSM 9.40 language pack

Hi Experts!

   I'm trying to apply the 9.41 language pack patch (18 I think) since there's nothing to apply for the 9.40 version. In fact, the 9.41 LP patch tells from itself that it's available for 9.40 and 9.41 versions. On the other hand, the install guide mentions the 9.40 LP as a prerequisit to 9.41 LP. You what now?

Before you can install the latest language pack on top of the Service Manager 9.41 applications, your
system must have already an earlier 9.4x language pack applied. If not, install the Service Manager
9.40 language pack and then install the latest language pack.

  The patch itself crashes of course:

Process panel start in RAD sm.patchrel.wizard encountered error in line 17 (sm.patchrel.wizard,start)
Unrecoverable error in application:  wizard.run on panel call.init.process
Unrecoverable error in application:  se.call.process on panel call.rad.1
Unrecoverable error in application:  sm.patchrel.wizard on panel start

So what's the stand here?