SM3.40 displaying html code in message window when (current)user in recipients

Hi Experts,

We're all aware of the well known fact that SM sends the email/msg message defined in a notification to the current user (operator()) if he/she is somehow in the recipientlist... That's annoying but until now I thought I know a good workaround for that.

You can call a JS function in the recipients column and fill the person/group data that way. I'm not facing any problems with my getCONemail() function (so basically when there's only one recipient, not a group):


gives back the email sends it without displaying the html data...

Anyway, years ago I made another function which returns the emails of the members of an assignment group. I'm calling it this way in a notification:

jscall("kakukk_assignment.getAGrecip","KAKUKK AssignmentGroup")

Please note that I've been using these functions for years on other systems... but on this one... the one returning an AGemailslist fails. If I check the created schedule (message processor) record I see that it fails.

Funny thing: the whole thing just checks out on any other systems but at this partner it doesn't seem to work...

I've already tried to alter the return value of my function returning SCArray/JS array even a {"email1","email2"} STRING but none of these worked. It seems like the whole jscall doesn't even get evaluated...

Of course tried evaluate and parse too.

Here's the function, just in case:

function getAGrecip(AGname)

var AG = lib.mol_query.getRecord("assignment","name",AGname);
//var recipientList = new SCDatum();

var recipientList = new Array();

if (AG == 0)
return "";

for (i in AG.operators)
CON = lib.mol_query.getRecord("contacts","",AG.operators[i]);

if (CON != 0)

//recipientList = system.functions.insert(recipientList,1,1,;
//return system.functions.str(recipientList);
//return system.functions.str(recipientList);
return recipientList;

my RAD app is pretty old... last updated in 2003 Maybe I should get a newer

Is there perhaps a normal way of getting rid of the "send ANYTING on actual user bug?"

Any ideas?