HPSM 9.34 GUI client. Could it be worse?

Hi Experts!

   I'm bound to use the new 9.34 / 9.40 client of HP Service Manager. We've all learned to live with the terrible bugs and glitches of this stone-age eclipse client yet every year HP manages to make things worse...

   I'm not going to describe the disadvantages of a 9.34 client compared to a perhaps 9.21 one but give a notice of the newest one:

Ctrl A or Ctrl C does not work anymore. Yes, you have perhaps a javascript window open (ScriptLibrary for example) the cursos is in the window, the window itself is active and you hit Ctrl A...

In 2016 the least what we would expect after that is to get the whole document selected but no.... a small window opens on the bottom with a button "Select All"...


I have to grab my mouse and click on the "&@ !" button to get my stupid text selected.

Anyone, please ANYONE in aware of the magic method which could turn this new HP off. PLEASE, I'm begging...

@HP: Please don't enhance the GUI client anymore. Just please, please, please... don't!! Leave it.

Perhaps you could revert the template (html code) editing mechanism back to the 9.21 way, cause it doesn't work anymore.

And we're all fed up with the stupid 1994 style explanations for HUGE errors like:

- form designer WEB access

-html text editor (above 9.21)

-copy-pase functionality (HP actually wrote in one of their "what's new"-s the following: "With version xy The copy-paste functionality is more likely to work on the eclipse client.") this is a new LOW

 Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


  • I think HPE doesn't even seriously develop desktop client anymore. (Yep, and results are visible.) When they're finally able to move the Forms Designer to web client (what's taking so long!?), desktop client will be definitely killed. FD is IMHO the only reason why desktop client still exists.

    I don't know how the Service Anywhere is administered (does it allow extensive form tailoring) but somehow I assume Service Manager continues to adopt features from Service Anywhere.

  • I think maybe something wrong with you windows client.

    Ctrl A and Ctrl C should be always supported.

    Actually still some enhancement done in windows client.

    You can use ctrl z  in the javascript editor, also code autocomplete and foding in SM941.   More and more feautures will be added in javascript editor.

    If you just only want to use those functions for javascript editor, you can download SM941 windows client.


  • I have both a 9.40 and 9.41 Eclipse Client in front of me right now and I can CTRL-A to select all in any ScriptLibrary I've accessed. Not sure what is going on with your client, but if the problem continues you should reinstall it or check some other enviromental factor.