Calculate future date applying business calendar


I am using SM 9.41 p4

we have a requirement from the client which is to calculate automatic dates by applying business calendar.

For example:

today is: 27/02/2017

Start date is: 27/02/2017

End  date is: Start date 5 business days (fixed duration)

First of all is this possible in HP SM?

If possible, could you please suggest me how?


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  • Hello, I need something similar, where I have a ticket creation date and an expected solution date, which should not exceed 15 business days between both dates. I found this javascript in the forums, but it counts days in a row and it doesn't work for me. I must take it from the configured calendar. Thanks for the help.

    function ConvertDate(end, start){

    var End = new Date(end)
    var Start = new Date(start)
    var Duration = End-Start
    var Duration = Duration/1000/60

    ConDuration= new XMLDate(Duration)
    return ConDuration.getSCDateTimeString()

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