(SM) Support Tip: If the font displayed on browser is different, how to change text font?

We find if we login to webclient of SM9.35 via IE8 and IE11,  and choose a local languae to login, the font displayed on browser will be different, like belows:



How to check and slove this problem:

1.Make sure all the configuration of IE side is the same.


2.check styles of each browser by developer tool via pressing F12




3.compare styles in IE 8 and IE 11, and find the style font is the same.


4.Since all the font-style definition is from webtier-9.35\css\typography.css or corresponding language typography-jp-ja.css.  If it is same style, we can confirm it is introduced by IE 8 and IE 11 rendering function change.


5.Basically, IE support should explain why the same font will b​e displayed as a different format in IE8/11. At SM side, we can apply the following way as workarond:

open file login.css, and replace all the "font-family:HPSimplified" to "font-family:HPSimplified, Arial", all the "font-family:HPSimplifiedLight" to "font-family:HPSimplifiedLight, Arial".


6. check the result after this workaround, now the font is the same:


7.Since css is  able to be edited and configured, so this should be workable and supported workaround, but further test is definitely required.