HPE SM Software for our disabled (half-blind) colleagues Part 1

we need to make the HPE SM Software to do usable for our disabled (half-blind) colleagues.

There was a number of accessibility issues identified related to calendar behavior, flow diagrams and definition lists in the accessibility audit report on Camelot.
Since the Camelot development team cannot solve them by customization, we urge you to fix the following issues or at least provide relevant alternate solutions:

1. Calendar module should be implemented as follows:
The date slots should be distinguished by  2 visual signs, e.g. color and border type. All elements must be well distinguishable even after contrast adjustment. All content should be  navigable by keyboard for motorically and visually impaired users . The tooltips should be also available for keyboard navigation.  In this case, there should be a focusable "i"  icon presented behind the element. After focusing the "i" icon, the corresponding tooltip should be presented in the visible area. There should be an alternative view provided for visually impaired users, such as a data table. The visually impaired users should be able to perceive the information in structured form. They should be able to switch from the calendar to the alternative view.

See "Abbildung 3-38 " in the attached PDF
2.  Definition lists should be used to present the shortcut list in the pop-up window "System Keyboard Shortcut List".

See "Abbildung 3-23"  in the attached PDF

3. The visual content of arrow diagrams in the workflow register tab should be returned to the visually impaired user in the presented order. Alternatively, the current and the following workflow step can be presented and all other unessential content should be hidden from the visually impaired user.

See "Abbildung 3-37" in the attached PDF.


when the disabled (half-blind) colleagues are using the HPE SM software


no workarounds


disabled (half-blind) colleagues can not use the software