HPSM - Automated Unit Testing?

Is there a way to write unit tests in HPSM very much like Java developers write using Junit, or Javscript developers write using Mocha?

I am trying to help a HPSM developer write automated tests.

  • Vivganes, this topic is very interesting

    Some time ago I was working with a JS responsible to define the approval sequence.. it was a bit complicate because it used several variables to set the correct approval flow.. after the tests started and the bugs appeared I started to noticed that I was fixing one place and destroying another... (you are probably thinking.. I've been there..)
    So I wrote test cases that were basically doing what you are looking for.. I created a matrix with each line have the parameters combinations and approvers expected at each level .. called the function passing the parameters and compared the return with expected values.. so at the end my script output was:

    test case XX successful,

    test case XY failed, params {} expected results {} returned {}..

    For some specific custom functions I think it's worth use some strategy like this... but I don't think it makes much sense to extend it to much and do something like test cases to priority change, reassignment and so on because usually the test cases are very simple and it's very dificult to mess up with this when developing.. maybe if you are in a very critical, distributed, with a lot of developer working in paralel and in a very custom environment it would make sense... so far I never did something like it...

    Anyway, I think the easiest and best way to accomplish it is through Web Services... you can even use Junit or Mocha to do this :)