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Hi ,

I am using SM9.33 and html email. things goes well to eventout , I can see the mail body generated correctly . but when I try to view email in outlook , it show full of html tags. 


system originally with scsmtp.exe and plain text email . I just changed notification record to invoke html template . 

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    Hi, scsmtp.exe only sends text mails and cannot format html mails.

    for your mails to be delivered correctly try using java (should be in the online help) mail or connectit. With connectit remember to set the detect html flag on the mail server connection.

  • Great ! It works with SMTPMail ( agent show in system status ) 

    So my next question will be :

    1. How about the performance of this Email agent , previous scsmtp.exe can process 10 email / sec stably . I ask this is because my customer system process lots of email (>500 / min)

    2. I notice the log output of SMTPMail is close to sm.log , not like scsmtp.exe which can easily show the email progress like below , is there any  switch can generate the simple log like scsmtp.exe  ?

    12/12/2015 06:48:31 pid (9600)(12420) Sent email <evsysseq=0000000020126950> to <>
    12/12/2015 06:48:31 pid (9600)(12420) Sent email <evsysseq=0000000020126951> to <>
    12/12/2015 06:48:31 pid (9600)(12420) Sent email <evsysseq=0000000020126952> to <madalina.scarlet@xxxcom>
    12/12/2015 06:48:31 pid (9600)(12420) Sent email <evsysseq=0000000020126953> to <>

  • Hi Yong,

    The HTML email notification in SM you configured is not correct hope...

    The HTML mail configuring must be as like this 

    In Message tab:-

    Msg Class:- HTMLTemplate

    Msg No.:- 1 

    Arguments:- jscall( "htmlemailtemplates.getMailBody", "IM Update", $L.file, $

    condition:- true or "as you like"

    notify method: email

    recipients:- as you like.

    Here there may be mistake done by you will be, in next tab i.e., "Email/Mail Subject line" you may not filled this data

    Msg Class:- HTMLTemplate

    Msg No.:- 1

    Arguments:- jscall( "htmlemailtemplates.getMailHeader", "IM Update", $L.file, $

    Remember, Body in first tab and Header in Second tab.

    Note:- If you are configuring Body Argument in 5th line in first tab of your notification, then Header must be called in 5th line of the second tab.

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