How to configure CC and BCC in email in HP SM 9.41

Hi All,

I am using HP SM 9.41 on Windows 2012 platform. I want to configure single id in TO and other related IDs in CC and BCC in email notification sent be SCEMAIL.

Please suggest me the best solution for this.

Thanks in advance


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    Hello VrushaliB,
    thanks for your question.

    You can do it. There can be many ways to do it.
    First you have to add a new field for CC in form and then create a eventmap for outbound. ( say evmap1)

    You can use the RAD application "axces.write" to call from FC-Subroutine. Define the conditions and eventmap/eventreg name.

    record $file
    name evmap1
    string1 ^

    In your eventmap define the field CC and position. In your FC >calculation, you can define like CC in $file=assignment in $file
    In CIT scenario you can easily map the field CC.


  • Hi Jose,

    Can you explain how can i create eventmap . and other steps given in below solution.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • Hi Jose,

    Could you please explain to me all the steps in a single way. If you have some document or working , please share the same.

    Also most of the mails in my HPSM 9.52 is configured through ruleset . Is there any way to do using ruleset ?