Error in SLA calculation

Hi ,

We are getting problem in SLA calculations in SD  module. As the system not being able to skip non-working saturdays and sundays while calculating SLA and reflecting the same in SD.

Please do the needful.

Thanks in advance.


  • You have only provided the "Problem". The basic steps in solving the issue are to also provide details needed in order to help you troubleshoot if not solve the problem.

    Is it working before? If yes - what was the latest change that could somehow trigger the problem? What was your steps and action performed in trying to resolve the problem(least you have tried these)?

    In details... kindly check the caldutyhours table, is the non-working days being defined properly?

    Is the caldutyhours being defined in your slo's?... just my 2 cents..

  • Hi,

    I have mentioned every holiday in SM and also included the same in workschedule .

    I will share the detailed snap on same.