Database sessions not getting released

Hi folks,

So here's the issue; SRC 1.30 running on Service Manager 9.31.

If the Service Manager inactivity timer is set to a lower value than the SRC inactivity timer, when SM kills the session the database disconnect command is never sent (sqociDisconnect:OCISessionEnd” and “sqociDisconnect:OCIServerDetach).  This leaves the database connected forever, until you run out of database sessions.  This does not happen with SM client sessions.

This appears to happen with any web services connection.  Has anybody else noticed this behaviour? Has anybody found a cause?


  • Hi,

    Do you have webservices_sessiontimeout already in your sm.ini? If you answer is no, please give it a try and let us know if behavior reported still happens.


    This parameter defines the number of seconds that the server waits for a WebService API client request before the server assumes that the client session has timed out and closes the connection.

    Valid if set from
    Server's OS command prompt
    Initialization file (sm.ini)
    Requires restart of HP Service Manager server?
    Default value
    Possible values
    Number of seconds
    Example usage
    Command line: sm -httpPort:13080 -webservices_sessiontimeout:30
    Initialization file: webservices_sessiontimeout:30