NOtify group on update

Hi Guys,

I'm new to HP and would like to be assisted or guided on how to send a notification when an incident is updated ,all members of the assignment group would like to receive an email notification.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    it's very easy to send an email to all members of the current assignment group.

    As example you can use the Notification with the ID "Approval Added_1".
    Here you can see, how to configure the notifications to send emails to a group.

    In your case, you have to set the following:

    • Recipient(s): assignment in $L.file
    • Group File: assignment
    • Group Area: All
    • Subgroup: members

    For the fields like "Msg Class", "Msg No." etc. you can check the existing notification records.

    Command Line Shortcut is "note".
    Via System Navigator: Tailoring > Notifications > Notifications

    See also: 


    Hope that helps.

  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot, I tried your advise and when testing I discovered that my organisation has disabled these and I will have to use a macro or javaScript.

     can you  send me helpful links on achieving this using macros or javascript.

    Thanks again


  • Hi ,

    can you explain what you need exactly? 

    Do you need a script which checks the users inside a group and send an email to everybody?

  • HI,

    I need to send a notification to members of a particular group, when an update is made to an incident or interaction assigned to that group.

    I cannot use the out of the box notifications cause they haave been disabled, I just found out that now, when testing your advice, so I have to use a macro or a javascript.

    any documentation, link or instructions will help.

    so far, I have created a macro and building the expression for it.

    I have:

    assignment in $"my_group"

    I need:

    when an incident is updated

    Please also advise on any additional info that can assist me, I'm new to microfocus, and still trying to fiugre my way around the product.

    Thanks again guys

  • Hi,

    1. how did they disabled it? Are the fields readonly in the notification format?
    2. Are you using the Process Designer?

    Sorry for the questions, but to find the best way to solve your problem, i need some more information.

  • HI, 

    I'm not sure how it was disabled, I was informed that they only using macros and javascript for notifications and anything else I try will not work.

    Yes, I'm able to access process designer.

    I have create a macro with these values:

    macro name: xxx

    applies when: incidents are saved

    macro type: mail 1 assignment group

    condition: not  (null(assignment in $ and assignment in $"xxx" and not  (same(update.time in $L.old, update.time in $

    any advice, will this work, is there a better way and how do I make sure the macro is always triggered on an update of a incindent?


    Thanks again guys


  • Hi,

    thanks for the update.

    To be honest, i have no idea how macros are working. I don't like it and if possible, I'm write a JS to handle it.

    In case that you can't use an email via the oob notification functionality (WHHHYYYY?! :D ), you can write directly into the evenout table.

    Not sure, how your event mapping for outbound mails is configured but in the OOB system (9.52) you have the following mapping and field positions:






    1. Create a new ScriptLibrary  (hpe_notification_helper) which includes the logic to send a email
    2. Create a new RuleSet which executes the function
    3. Assign the RuleSet to your Workflow
      => Maybe in the "Workflow based Rule Set" > "After successful update"



    Here a short example from a script to write directly into the eventout:
    This script uses the HTML Email Template functionality.
    Please be sure, there is no calculation for the recipients included, but you can extend/modify the script as you want :)


     * Sends an email.
     * @author     Marcus Reinhardt,
     * @license    MIT
     * @example
     * //from a ruleset - in this example for Incident Management
     * var rcEmailInsert = system.library.hpe_notification_helper.sendEmail(record, oldRecord, "IM Update", record['assignee']);
     * @param      {SCFile}     fCurrentFile    The file file
     * @param      {SCFile}     fSavedFile      The file file
     * @param      {Character}  cEmailTemplate  The email template
     * @param      {Character}  cRecipient      The recipient
     * @return     {Number}     return code
    function sendEmail( fCurrentFile, fSavedFile, cEmailTemplate, cRecipient) {
    	var cLanguage		= "en";
    	var cEmailSubject 	= system.library.htmlemailtemplates.getMailHeader(cEmailTemplate, fCurrentFile, fSavedFile, cRecipient, cLanguage);
    	var cEmailBody 		= system.library.htmlemailtemplates.getMailBody(cEmailTemplate, fCurrentFile, fSavedFile, cRecipient, cLanguage);
    	var aFields = [
    		// pos 1 -
    		// pos 2 - user.from
    		// pos 3 - ccuser.array
    		// pos 4 - bccuser.array
    		// pos 5 - replyto
    		// pos 6 - subject
    		// pos 7 - text
    	var fEventout 	= new SCFile( "eventout" );
    	//get a unique id 
    	fEventout['evsysseq'] = getNumber();
    	//set the event type
    	fEventout['evtype'] 	= "email";
    	//set the event time
    	fEventout['evtime'] 	= system.functions.tod();
    	//set the expiration time
    	fEventout['evexpire'] 	= system.functions.tod();
    	//normally the ^ character is used to split the positions/fields in the eventout table
    	fEventout['evfields'] 	= aFields.join("^");
    	// create the eventout record
    	var rcInsert = fEventout.doInsert();
    	return rcInsert;
     * Gets the number.
     * @author     Marcus Reinhardt,
     * @original   SL - EndUserChat
     * @return     {Character}  The number.
    function getNumber() {
        var cNumber 	= "";
        var response 	= new Datum();
        var rc 			= new Datum();
        rcode 			= system.functions.rtecall("getnumber", rc, response, "event");
        cNumber 		= response.getText();
        return cNumber;


    Hope this help - If you need some help, please let me know :)

  • Thanks a Mil Marcus, we have SM 9.50 in our enviroment, I will definetly have a look at how I can implement a similar script to our enviroment.

    I think the script give us (admin/Developers) better control and transparancy than macros, and therefore easier to troubleshoot and update.

    Cheers guys

  • You're welcome :)

    maybe an alternative way which is a bit cleaner and more "Codeless".
    You can also create a new RuleSet which includes the Rule "Send HTML Email".

    I think the result will be the same, but you're using the OOB functionality.

    But i'm not sure if this Rule is available in SM9.50 (but should be).